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This is a step by step guide on setting up your own SSL / TLS Certificates in Ignision Standard Edition:

  1. Open Ignision Standard Edition and click on the "RDP" tab:

  2. Click Generate on TLS Private Key and select your Key bit-depth:

  3. Click, "OK" and it will give you a Generating window and if the Ignision Directory doesn't exist you want to create it. click, "Yes":

  4. After it's done you should see, "Bits: 4096" or the bit-depth you chose to enter. Now you should be able to click, "View" or "Delete" the, "TLS Private Key":

  5. Next we want to click, "Generate" On The TLS Certificate:

  6. Fill out the Required information on Certificate Information page and click, "OK".

  7. You should see, "Generating..." progress bar 

  8. After the Certificate is generated. You will see under TLS Certificate, "Certificate is valid!"

  9. Now the fields, "View" and "Delete" are clickable. You can check to make sure your certificate is correct by clicking, "View":

  10. Afterwards close the the TLS Certificate window and click Save. Now you have Successfully generated a SSL / TLS Certificate.

  11. If want to place your own custom SSL / TLS Certificates. You will need to place them in: /Library/Preferences/Ignision/

    Custom Certificate Info

    Info: If you are placing your own custom Certificate, Private Key and CA Bundle needs to be labeled as following:

    Certificate Name: server.crt

    Private Key Name: server.key

    Ca Bundle or server.cabundle