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The display quality of the remote display is managed by controls in three places:

  1. The “Display Quality” window, which is accessed by selecting “Show display quality controls” on the View menu.
  2. The “Display Quality” property in the connection editor, which is accessed by pressing the pen/pencil button on the connection in the “gutter” (on the left side of the screen).
  3. The New Connection Wizard when either Advanced Setup or Expert Setup is selected on the first page.

There is a trade-off between display quality (sharpness/fuzziness) and performance (responsiveness) of the remote system on networks with limited bandwidth.  Increasing display quality may decrease performance.  The overall system load of the remote system also limits responsiveness so CPU hungry programs and too many simultaneous connected users can also cause the remote system to feel sluggish.

Display Quality Window

The Display Quality window contains a slider that selects a value from 1 (lowest) to 100 (highest).  The “Save Changes” button will be enabled when the display quality is changed and no longer matches the value stored in the connection.  Pressing the “Save Changes” button will cause the new value to be remembered by the connection causing the same display quality to be used in the future.

There is also a check-box labeled “Use automatic display quality”.  When this box is checked, Ignision will automatically select the best setting that results in a good balance between performance and display quality.  When this box unchecked, Ignision will use the display quality set by the slider – regardless of available bandwidth, which can result in poor performance on a slow or congested network.

Display Quality Property

The Display Quality property in the connection editor is a value between 0 and 100 that has the same meaning as the value controlled by the slider on the Display Quality window with one exception: a value of zero (0) is equivalent to checking the “Use automatic display quality” check-box.  This property is set/updated when the “Save Changes” button is pressed on the Display Quality window.  This value of this property defines the initial display quality used when a connection is made.

New Connection Wizard

The displays page contains a slider and a check-box that work like the equivalent controls on the Display Quality window.  The “Override Display Quality” check-box on the New Connection Wizard is equivalent to the “Use automatic display quality” check-box on the Display Quality window.