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To add new users, click on the Users tab in the Admin Tool. This is where you can add, remove and edit what each user on your system is allowed/not allowed to do on your Ignision Server. You do not need to create the users with this admin tool. User Accounts can be created on the server via System Preferences like you would normally do. User names will automatically appear here after successfully connecting to the Ignision Server, as long as “Allowed to Connect” is checked in New User Defaults. Those defaults are the preferences that all automatically created user accounts will have. If you change the User Defaults, those changes will only apply to new user accounts and not ones that were previously made before the change.

Per user licensing is on a first-come first-serve basis so the admin tool will continue to add connected user accounts until the license limit is reached. If you would prefer to not have that happen, make sure to uncheck “Allowed to Connect” in the New User Defaults section. If that is the case, you will need to manually add each user to the list before they can log into the server. If you reboot your server, the active list of users will reset and then the first users to log on up to your license limit will be considered the active users.

To manually add a user, click Add User. A box will appear where you can add the name of the user account. Click Add. To remove a user (to free up a license), click Remove User. Once you have created a user in the Admin Tool, the ability to customize their experience appears.