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Video support in Ignision was recently updated in order to better support multiple simultaneous users and improve overall system performance, however the video sub-system is not fully complete yet so there are some guidelines that you should follow to avoid ending up with a distorted video display.  All of the following limitations will be fixed in the VERY near future.  In fact, they are currently under development and being resolved while this article is being written.

  • 64-bit color is currently NOT supported.  Only 32-bit color is currently supported.  If your Mac only supports 64-bit color then you will see a garbled (or black) screen in the Ion Desktop Client connection tab.  New Mac workstations have 64-bit color.  You can see if your Mac has 64-bit color by selecting “About this Mac” from the Apple menu.  Then click the “System Report...” button to launch the “System Information” application, in which you should select “Graphics/Displays” on the left.  This will show you graphics capabilities on the right bottom for each graphics device selected on the right top.  On the bottom, look for “Pixel Depth” under the “Displays:” heading.  There it will list either “32-Bit” or “64-Bit” color.
  • Occasionally a black screen will occur after connecting to the machine running Ignision SE.  Disconnect by closing the tab and then connect again by pressing the play button on the gutter item.  See: Black (or blank) screen after connecting
  • DO NOT connect to the Ignision server using the same user name (account) as the user logged into the Mac console (i.e. local display, mouse, and keyboard).  Support for this is currently incomplete and doing this often results in a garbled display.  Always log out of the Mac console first or only connect as another user.  You are definitely safe if your Mac is at the logon screen and no users are logged in.
  • DO NOT use “Displays” in “System Preferences” via the Ion Desktop Client to change the display resolution on the remote machine.  Instead, set the display resolution in the Ion Desktop Client.  See How to change the display resolutions for instructions.
  • DO NOT change the display resolution in the Ion Desktop Client connection settings and then reconnect to an EXISTING session on a remote machine (running Ignision SE).  Always connect using the same display resolution that was used when the session was originally established.  This is not a problem if you first log out of the remote session via the Apple menu and then disconnect.  It is only a problem when you disconnect without logging out first, change the display resolution setting in the desktop client, and then reconnect.  See “How to change the display resolutions”.

If any of the “DO NOT’s” above are done by accident, then switch to the user’s session on the physical Mac machine console (i.e. display, mouse, and keyboard connected to the Mac) and log out the user via the Apple menu. Then you will be able to successfully reconnect using the Ion Desktop Client.