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As it currently stands, printing to a local printer attached to the client (not the server) isn't possible.

When it comes to printing, there are two things we need to understand: local and network printing. The former (local) is where you have the printer connected directly to your local computer while the latter (network) is where the printer is on the network or attached to a server on the network. As of right now (release 032017 and back), you should be able to print to a network printer via Ignision without issues (long as the printer and network is setup correctly). Printing from the remote machine to your local printer however, isn't supported yet due to the complexity of it. We are currently working on printing from remote to local, but it (unfortunately) is going to take some time. As a work-around for now, you can use a VPN to share your local printer as a "network" printer to the server (or network) that has Ignision on it then print to your local printer as if it was a "network" printer.