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Below you will find the current feature list for the latest release of Ignision Server and the Ion Client and Protocol:

• Diagnostic Tool
• Auto Keyboard Mapping
• Remote Home Folders Support (NFS, SMB/CIFS)
• JSON Support
• Custom SSL/TSL Certificate Support
• RSA 4096 AES 512 CBC Encryption
• Encryption On/Off
• Server Fingerprint (Server Authentication)
• Multiple Connections (Ion)
• Directory Services Support (LDAP, OD, AD)
• Session Shadowing (Ignision)
• Server Lockdown Tools
• Memory/CPU Use Optimization
• IONC Client Data File JSON Support
• Networking Printing
• Display Quality Control (Ion)
• Initial Client Scripting
• IONC File Modification Detection and Custom IONC Files (Ion Client
Configuration Files)
• On-Console Mode (1:1 Remote Control Session)
• Hide Console Mode (1:1 Remote Session With Console Locked)
• RDP 8.1 Client Support (Clients Older Than XP SP2 Will Not Work At This Time)