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Adding custom branding to the login plugin is quite easy. All you need to do is have 1 of (or all) 4 images and/or add a text file:

  • Background image
  • Logo Image
  • Shutdown Button Image
  • Restart Button Image

These The images must be in a PNG format (*.png) and they will need to be placed in the /Library/Preferences/Ignision/ directory with the following names:

  • Background → bg.png
  • Logo → logo.png
  • Shutdown button → shutbtn.png
  • Restart button → resetbtn.png

For the text, it needs to just be plain text put into the /Library/Preferences/net.aquaconnect.login.banner.txt on the disk.

Once these are in place, you simply need to logout to see them (on some systems, a restart may be necessary). This unfortunately won't affect the RDP login screen as that system is completely separate. See below for future plans on fixing that.