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Below is a list of known issues and the release notes for the latest release of Ignision Server and the Ion Client.
These issues are currently being worked on by the Aqua Connect development team and will be resolved in upcoming releases.  None of these issues should keep you from using the product.

Ignision SE version: 042417-2
Ion Desktop Client version: 3.3.3

Known issues:

  1. Only the latest RDP clients work:
    • OS X: use “Microsoft Remote Desktop” 8.0.37. Do *not* use “Remote Desktop Connection”.
    • Windows (7, 8.1, 8.1, 10).
    • Linux (Remmina 1.2.x).
    • Mobile (iOS and Android) and HTML clients are *not* officially supported / tested yet!
  2. Sometimes when connecting with a RDP client, you may get a grey screen. If that happens, you will need to force an update by clicking on the screen in order to get it to redraw the screen. Disconnecting and reconnecting the session may also work. It is not necessary to log out, just disconnect.
  3. Windows Ion Desktop Client does not support Windows/Command key and has problems with some Alt+… combinations.
  4. Mouse scroll wheel does is not yet supported with RDP, however it does work in with the Ion Desktop Client.
  5. In Windowed mode, Command+Q closes the Ion Desktop Client, not the window in the session. Command+Q does close the remote window when the Ion Desktop Client is in full screen mode.
  6. Fast user switch menu *does not work* despite it being visible. DO NOT USE IT! Using the fast user switch menu will break Ignision and may destabilize OS X and/or prevent future connections until the machine is rebooted.
  7. Ignision does not always honor the desktop resolution configured in the Ion Desktop Client and will instead use the native console resolution. The user can still change the desktop resolution after connecting by using the Displays preference pane.
  8. Not all possible/common display display resolutions are shown in the OS X Displays preference pane. Additional resolutions and the ability to add custom resolutions is forthcoming.
  9. It is possible for multiple Ion Desktop Clients to connect to a single user session at a single time, however this is unstable and should not be done. This is likely to cause crashes.
  10. An uninstall GUI is not available, however the product can be uninstalled by entering the
    following command in a terminal:
    sudo “/Applications/Ignision”
  11. Ignision does not currently have a way to change the RDP port number, however it can be changed by editing “/Library/LaunchDaemons/”. Simply add “:<port_number>” to the end of “”, e.g. “” will use port 54321 instead of the default 3389.
  12. A single user may be recorded multiple times in Ignision SE when a user connects with the Ion Desktop Client and then log out via the Apple menu multiple times.
  13. Removing a user from Ignision SE doesn't always work. Users may need to be manually removed by editing “/Library/Preferences/”.
  14. Ignision does not support all possible locales (keyboards/languages). Send a message to Aqua Connect support and we’ll add your locale and release a product update.
  15. Backslash key to the left of "Z" doesn’t work on some UK keyboards.
  16. RDP client reports unexpected disconnect when user logs out of remote session. This is not an error, it’s just obnoxious. This message will be removed in a future release.
  17. Ion Desktop Client reports that the connection was lost when the user logs out of the remote session or closes the tab. This is not an error, it’s just obnoxious. This message will be removed in a future release.
  18. Escape key closes Ignision SE installer. It should have no effect.
  19. OS X Active Directory support does *not* work correctly (this in an Apple bug). Customers should use Centrify to support Active Directory. Centrify is free for small to medium sized businesses.
  20. Connecting multiple simultaneous users may result in one or more users not connecting successfully (due to session start up times and connection timeouts). Retrying the connection will eventually be successful.
  21. There is currently to convenient way to perform an unattended install of Ignision SE, however it can be done.  There will be an online article published that describes how to do it.
  22. The Ion Desktop Client currently does not show any progress information while a connection is being established.  All that is shown is a rotating Ignision logo.  This will be updated to include helpful progress information.
  23. The OS X desktop screensaver will prevent the user from interacting with the remote session so it is strongly recommended that all users DISABLE THE SCREENSAVER.  Ignision will eventually do this.  The screensaver can be stopped by interacting with the user's session on the Mac console or the following command can be entered in the terminal to terminate all screen savers:
    sudo killall ScreenSaverEngine
  24. OS X power management may interfere Ignision's ability to accept incoming connections and receive user input from the keyboard and/or mouse.  Disable power management features that put the computer or any peripherals to sleep.
  25. OS X becomes unstable when run in a VMware virtual machine and multiple concurrent users interact with the machine simultaneously.  The "WindowServer" process is likely to crash due to a bug in the video VMware video driver.  All user sessions are terminated when the crash occurs, which results in a spontaneous disconnect of all connected Ion Desktop Clients and RDP clients and may result in lost work.
  26. OS X will crash when system memory is exhausted so carefully monitor your user count and the amount of memory used by each.  All user sessions are terminated when the crash occurs, which results in a spontaneous disconnect of all connected Ion Desktop Clients and RDP clients and may result in lost work.  Try to prevent your system memory from dropping below 1 GB.
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